Pictures of my solar system installation. On line 23 April 2008


1.   Four 6v 245Ah Chloride golf cart batteries wired in series, with a 12/24v 20A Phocos charge controller, and
      24v/240v 600w inverter. Lamp is a 24v 40w powered from Phocos DC output.

2.   Phocos showing solar panels providing power and battery charge >75%.

3.   The Four 6v 245Ah Chloride golf cart Batteries.

4.   View of the inverter and timer set to light two 240v 20w low energy lamps from 18:00 to 22:00.

5.   Four 64w Uni-Solar solar panels wired to give 24v, on roof of house next to mine.
      (my lab for the time being until renovation starts !)

6.   Solar panels still have to be inclined at the right angle.

7.   Close up view of solar panels

8.   Let there be light. Solar power available, two lamps on !

9.   Solar panels, 25 April 2008 inclined at 20 and facing north (I am in the southern hemisphere, latitude S 20 15.48)

10. 26 April 2008, 20w 240v submersible pump feeding hydroponic plant, now on solar power continuously.

11. Experimental Bittergourd growing in open air using Nutrient Film Technique. (NFT)

12. Bittergourd (Margoze)








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